March in Review


Where on earth did March go?

Settling in

One month has passed since we arrived in Fiji!

We don’t have a house yet but while another volunteer is in Australia sorting out her visa, we are living in her room.

We’ve established that phones and internet costs are expensive. After setting up our modem wireless, I managed to spend all of the data over a two day period, watching Stan. No more TV shows for me. Therefore if you visit us from Australia, you will be provided with a list of TV shows and movies that I expect you to bring for me.


Has started! I’ve loved every single visit to the Special Schools, you may have seen a couple of view and playground photos on my Facebook or Instagram. I’m conscious of the way I talk about work online so, while I have a post coming about this… I need to think about it some more first!

Free Time

My best friend visited for the Easter Weekend and a group of us went for a phenomenal holiday on the coral coast.


This month we also trekked through Colo-I-Suva Forest Park to see several waterfalls on a serious budget ($3 whole dollars).



Achievements this month

My goals this month were:

  1. Settle into Fiji
  2. Find a host website provider for my blog
  3. Increase my Instagram following

I think I can confidently say I achieved only one of these! But that’s ok, there’s always next month.

Blog Statistics

Facebook: Has hit a record engagement of 3,200 people in a week.

Instagram: I had my highest liked Instagram photo at 121 likes.

Blog: After moving my blog to it’s new format on March 20th, I’ve had about 1500 page views.


Goals for next month

  1. Find a house to live in that has a beautiful view.
  2. Now that I have a host website provider (Have you seen the new layout? It’s so beautiful), I’m aiming for one blog post per day.
  3. Learn more about blogging. Read everything I can on the topic.
  4. Be featured by a larger blogging or tourism network
  5. Create an incentive for people to sign up to my blog.
  6. And most importantly – learn about Google Analytics. I’ve been trying to install this unsuccessfully – does anyone have any tips??

And that’s it from me! Happy April!

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