What became of my pre-Fiji fears?

Expat in Fiji

Recently I wrote a post on My Fears before Moving to Fiji. I’m sure you’ve been dying to know whether I will survive the year access game of thrones.

9. Have I installed the correct Apps?

I went ballistic on App installations and it was total overkill. I only kept Quakefeed to alert me of a nearby earthquake that might result in tsunami.


No views yet, but maybe I’ll move. There’s hope.

7. Haggling for groceries.

Update. This is so not true. You do not need to haggle for groceries. The internet lies.

6. Bank accounts

Can’t open a bank account until you have a visa, and it appears I do not have one of those because we are on Fiji time.

5. Death by Coconut

I have safely skirted around all coconut trees and Josh has come up with an excellent business idea to save all people from Death by Coconut: The Coco-net. The concept is probably self-explanatory!


4. Security

Will my apartment get robbed? Potentially. According to the program manager I am not allowed to live in areas where crime is likely so that’s helpful. We have moved into a place with a giant fence and secuirty guard. Our neighbour calls it ‘Fort Knox’, so I think we’re safe.

3. Cyclone

A possibility but I think we’re all clear until next summer.

2. Tsunami.

Concern. But there are a lot of hills here, so I will just have to run fast.

1. How will I watch Game of Thrones?

So apparently no one has cracked down on piracy in Fiji on any level. There are entire shops where you can buy the most recent show episodes or movies and receive them on pirated USBs or CDs. It’s a booming economy.


And that’s it!

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