Fiji Expat: How much does it cost to live?

Expat in Fiji

What is the cost of living in Fiji is a question I get asked a lot. It’s hard to answer because everyone has different lifestyles and expectations but here are some tips to help you prepare for moving to Fiji.


General Costs

Expatistan Cost Of Living pages are relatively accurately for pricing and updated regularly.

There are obvious wage limitations for volunteers and workers that are linked to working in a developing country. Living in a sharehouse and eating products that are grown and produced locally can help reduce costs.


Mobile and Internet

Check out my post on selecting a phone and internet provider.


Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as cyclones may result in reduced crops. Following these events, you may see a temporary increase of fresh product costs for a few months.


Suva Specific

There is a rental market shortage in Suva, so you need to be patient when looking for a house. AirBnB might assist you with temporary accommodation stays until you find something more suitable.

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    Sean Mooney
    August 27, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Hi Emma

    Just reading your posts, I plan to visit Fiji for a couple of weeks in September, I am bringing down tools for locals to build with and Canadian rugby balls. Any chance you know of special tools I can bring down to help remote villages

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