I stayed in Fiji’s finest hotel

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Fiji has some incredible hotels. You can stay in an underwater hotel for something like $4000 a night, or on private islands where all the celebrities stay. Currently that includes Ed Sheeran, Kelly Slater and Chris Hemsworth.

Last week I stayed in Fiji’s finest hotel.

Unfortunately, instead of being Fiji’s finest hotel in the 2010’s, it was the finest hotel in the 1860s.

Were it 1866, you’d be thoroughly impressed.

levuka hotel fiji

levuka hotel fiji

According to a local tourist sign “When Rev. William Floyd arrived in Levuka in 1870 he wrote: “Levuka saw life lived furious. It was said to have no less than 52 hotels, licenced bars and kava-saloons strung along its one mile beach front”. Today, only one has survived.

Officially the oldest hotel in the South Pacific, it’s been kept in it’s historical condition. There are some cute villas out the front which I haven’t seen the inside of. I hope they’re nice. Unfortunately I didn’t stay in these and instead stayed in the area which I read was once a part of the old storage shed.

levuka hotel fiji

I may have spent both nights in foetal position, trying to stop the mosquito net from tickling me while feeling imaginary bed-bugs (there were no bed bugs – it was all in my head.).

ALSO Levuka is well known for it’s hauntings and during the night, a mystical bugal was playing the last post. Creepy much.

On a more positive note, there was some stunning olden furniture. I have no idea what era it’s from, but it’s seriously beautiful.

levuka hotel fiji

levuka hotel fiji

levuka hotel fiji

There’s also a nice pool area. Nice to look at, officially closed for use though.

levuka hotel fiji

Oh Levuka, you are one unique place!

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