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Expat in Fiji

Internet is Fiji is expensive, which means people don’t rely on it every second of the day (like they do in the Western world!). This means that often stores don’t have websites, you can’t work out a bus route without going to the centre of the city and sometimes schools and businesses might close for the day but you won’t know until you’re already at work.

This is a list of information sources I’ve found that might be useful for a new expat. I’m sure there’s more, so I will endeavour to update the list as my time here continues.


Word of Mouth

Everyone here is friendly. If you are lost, people on the street will help you. If a major event (holiday, weather issue) is happening over the weekend, you’ll know about it. The way information spreads here is phenomenal and it’s usually all through word of mouth.


Radio and Paper

The radio and paper replace the internet as key sources of information sharing.

Through the radio you can get daily event updates (e.g. school closures due to cyclone warnings, what’s going on in the city) and through the newspaper you can access selling, swap and buy and even romantic advertisements.


Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a really great way to connect with other expats, ask questions and buy and sell items online. Examples are:

  • Suva Expats
  • Suva Living
  • Lautoka Expats


Facebook Pages

For weather updates (particularly important due to tsunami and cyclone possibilities), follow:

  • Na Draki Weather
  • Fiji Meteorological Service

Other information

  • Fiji Times Online
  • Fijian Government
  • FM96

Social Events

  • Fiji Rucksack Club
  • Fiji Yachting Association
  • Traps (Suva only)



You can follow other Fiji Expat Blogs here.


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