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Our weeks holiday with the Alcorn’s at Currumbin was one of the best ever, even though there was torrential rain the entire week.

The car park flooded.

1415529058_currumbin 003

The beach eroded.

currumbin 012

And the surf churned up a crazy amount of foam, so obviously we had to play in it…

currumbin 008 currumbin 009

And it was that combination of cooped-up energy and a slippery slop, that created a $1000 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos moment. At the time it was titled “sam hack tooth knee”.


Poor Sam. It was a long time ago so I can’t remember if he was ok.


Bucket List

tick-box Film a funniest home video moment


And for a bonus track, here’s Sam’s first time on camera.

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