I’ve Found My Destiny


I have 2 brothers.



I also have 2 great, beautiful best friends.


Recently/not so recently, they have all become single. This is sad, and I am not trying to trivialize this – all were with great partners. But it has occurred to me that this provides an incredible opportunity.

2 brothers. 2 best friends. FATE.


They belong together.


I first approached Juanita and Clare. This was not strategic. I went to them first only because I had the realization about 5 minutes before we met for dinner.

I opened.

“You’re single. My brothers are single. FATE”.

Sadly, there response was to roll their eyes and ignore anything further I had to say on the topic. I was not discouraged and resolved to stay determined on the subject matter. By the end of the night pretty much all conversations finished with:

“I really want to travel to [insert country]… no Emma, not with your brothers”.

“I want to try [insert restaurant]… no Emma, not with your brothers”.

“I’m open to meeting new people … no Emma, not your brothers”.

I went home slightly disheartened, but not dismayed.


On Christmas Day, I approached Sam and Luke.

“You’re single. Clare and Juanita are single. FATE”.

Sam gave a horrified shiver and responded with “You’re so embarrassing”.

Luke laughed hysterically and decided on his opening line “Hi, I’m Luke. You know me from … Life”.

I told them if they went on their first date, I would sponsor the bill. They said no, go away.

But still, I was not dismayed.

I had a trump card.




Surely Mum was keen for her beloved sons to marry two super perfect girls that she already considered as daughters?

Christmas night. I cornered my mother.

“Sam and Luke are single. Juanita and Clare are single. FATE”.

Mum laughed.

“That’s sounds like a terrible deal…” she said “for Clare and Juanita”.

LOLLLL. Mum’s the best.

Anyway in conclusion I have not given up and believe it’s my life’s mission to make these star crossed lovers recognise their destiny. TO BE CONTINUED

(Blog post #2 will probably be about the trials and tribulations of organising a double wedding).

Follow my adventures!

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    January 13, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Haha, go for it! Never give up… 🙂

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