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When I worked for the YMCA, a work phone that allowed for personal use was a part of the salary arrangement. My personal phone was therefore ditched years ago but when I left the Y I had to return the phone.

The negatives to having a work phone on you all the time, is that it’s exhausting to be reachable to so many people at all different times of the day and this was driving me crazy.

In addition, I am Scrooge McDuck and I like to count every dollar.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.35.44 pm

Literally. In an excel sheet.

So in an attempt to save a minimum of $360 a year on a phone plan and reduce the addiction that is Facebook, I decided not to replace my phone and to live free.

At first it was liberating. Living life on the edge. Almost death-defying.

What would I do if there was an emergency?

Find a pay phone?

Ask a stranger for help?

Catch the train to the hospital?


The thrill lasted a few weeks.

Now, I am so bored.

I got lost in Kallangar last week and I had no maps access so I drove in a circle during peak hour. It was in a fleet car, and apparently the good old refidex isn’t stocked in everyone’s boot anymore.

I can’t message Josh when the train is an hour late thanks to a blackout in Central Station. And the G20. And a storm. And random train occurrences every second day.

I can’t call the bank, the mechanic, medicare, or any other government office.

And everyday I desperately hope for a train with free wifi.

photo (7)


I am now six weeks phone free and dreading a $360 annual spend so… limbo.

I remain phone free.

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