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A lot of people are scared of making macarons, but if you make them yourself you don’t need to spend $2.50 / piece and you literally get to eat happiness.

Home made macaron price comparison.

$1.90 for 4 free range eggs
$0.11 for 1/3 cup of caster sugar
$0.71 for 1 and 3/4 cups of icing mixture
$0.30 for 1 cup of almond meal
$0.01 for two pinches of salt
$2.89 for 200g of chocolate
$0.25 for 30g of cream

Total: $6.17 for a batch of up to 20 macarons

Or $0.31 a macaron.

delicious. cheap. heaven. shares a page on macaron making that originated from a 200 year old French Cook book. It’s the easiest macaron recipe I’ve found. BUT I have some additional changes/tips to save you the pain of multiple failure.

Tip 1: Egg whites need to be room temperature.
This takes a while! So be pre-prepared and pull those eggs out of the fridge a few hours before cooking. Or be naughty like me and put the bowl on top of the heated oven. But this is more risky and I don’t recommend.

Tip 2: A normal stand alone electric mixer is fine
The video shows an electric mixer with beating pieces, which I’m sure is ideal, but the chrome beaters are fine too. Avoid a handheld mixer. The first step involves a long period of mixing and eventually the hand held mixer will heat up.

Tip 3: No substitutions. No missing ingredients. No deviations from the recipe
People who are good at cooking like to throw things in together to make their own recipes. Those people are going to ruin their macarons. Stick to the instructions.

Tip 4: Fan forced oven on 150.
The video says 120 for a fan forced oven. IGNORE! IGNORE! 150 is better.

Tip 5: More chocolate.
If you’re making chocolate ganache for the filling, double the amount suggested. And eat the left overs.

Tip 6: Flavouring and colours are advanced making!
You’re more likely to succeed on your first try if you avoid colouring/flavours. They’re not as pretty but they still taste tops. Experiment with colours/flavours after you’ve succeeded on your first batch. Normally with macaron’s you’ll flavour the filling, not the shell.

Tip 7: Don’t just rap the trays – slam em.
A couple of raps on the bench isn’t really successful. Bang them hard!

Tip 8: One tray at a time. Middle shelf.

Good luck!

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