Nzuri the Giant Giraffe


I have a giant giraffe. His name is Nzuri. In Swahili, this means “beautiful” or “good”. Nzuri has a lively personality. He’s independent, mischevious and open to trying new things.

Recently, Nzuri and I had to part because I’ve moving to Fiji and airline carriers won’t accept a 5ft Giraffe as hand luggage. Sign my petition to change this. Nzuri and I said goodbye and he is now living with his foster brother David Beagle. Hopefully Dave feels better about Nzuri than he used to. (1).gif

As an ode to my giant giraffe, I have collected our precious moments together from his adoption, to his rebellious teens, to his hopeful dreams as an adult. Whip out your tissues, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Adoption day!

Shameless selfie with my favorite guy.

Get out of the fridge, Nzuri!

Nzuri stole my phone and took selfies.

Nzuri is researching how to find a girlfriend or boyfriend #loveislove

Nzuri wears Prada

“I’m in Giraffe-indor”

I went to Sydney and Nzuri was depressed.


Nzuri has become quite skilled in art.


Learning about his ancestors.

 Saying goodbye to Dad at the airport


Because Romance

Nzuri wears a helmet because safety first.


Celebrating Christmas in July.

Don’t let Mark babysit your children.

Sharing a popcorn with his favorite aunt ever. 
I am your father”

Forgot to put on his L plates.

And the time he stole my husband #homewrecker.

We’ll miss you Nzuri!

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