We cleaned a roof


You may remember my house. It was once on AirBnB.

It is old. My grandparents bought it in 1953 (for those who need some math assistance, that’s 60+ years).

Following a nasty collection of mushrooms under the bathroom tiles, countless wasp nests, odd room placements and one to many asbestos panels, it was decided that we would renovate.

First step, clean the roof.

Here is Bubby posing with the house, pre-clean.


And here it is mid-clean.


An entirely different colour!


For years, we’ve literally thought the roof was maroon. We didn’t realize the maroon colour was instead caused by an impressive/terrifying combination of dirt and fungus.

As a result, the outside paint colour of maroon, painted over a decade ago, is now a terrible contrast with the red-orange roof!

Many more renovation steps to come.

Many more surprises to find…

Follow my adventures!

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