We paid $3 to visit this beautiful island and eat a lot of food. Here’s how.

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We paid $3AUD per person for a half-day visit to the Mamanuca Islands including buffet lunch with wine and beer. It was awesome.

Here’s how.

Wyndham is a developer of “points-based vacation ownership products”. Seriously, what does that even mean? It’s a timeshare system – but don’t say timeshare because that’s a dirty word these days.


Source: Urban Dictionary

Wyndham were offering discounted cruises as ‘gifts’ to people who attended their free 90 minute seminar on their timeshares points-based vacation ownership products.

The cruise we were looking at taking was going to decrease in price from about $100 to $5 dollars so.. it was a good deal. And we prepared to sit through 90 minutes of a boring presentation before getting our gift.

To be fair, the presentation wasn’t too boring – it was fun to try and to suss out all of elaborate marketing ploys that apparently work for this giant timeshare points based vacation ownership product system that over 20,000 people have bought in to.

We were there for over 90 minutes before the price was even mentioned. It reminded me of this scene from ‘Better off Ted’: who needs an actual product when you have a great presentation?

There is that 10 minutes of awkwardness at the end where they ask you if you’re interested and you’re trying to think of a polite way to leave. Our strategy was “I’ll have to talk to my accountant”. I didn’t mention that my accountant is my father who was sitting at the next table.

And with that smooth exit line, we escaped!

Free to enjoy our cruise over to South Sea Island and eat all the food I could stuff into my mouth.

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