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The more you travel, the more you become desperate to travel further! It’s an endless loop. Sometimes depressing, but mostly inspiring! Whilst travelling this month, I’ve learnt about 5 new places that I simply must add to the travel list (and maybe you will be adding to yours?!).


1. Fly Geyser, Nevada USA

This beautiful geyser was accidentally created by drilling. It’s colours are the result of algae.


2. Huacachina Oasis, Peru

Staying overnight in a real life oasis? Yes please.


3. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico USA

It might look like snow, but it’s definitely sand!


4. Socotra, Yemen

The world’s most unique looking trees.


5. Beirut, Lebanon

Considered the ‘Europe’ of the Middle East, Beirut has boisterous nightlife, countless cafes over looking the sea and ancient ruins.

Inspire me!

Where in the world do you want to take the ‘road less travelled’?

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