6 More Things to See in Brisbane

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Last year I shared a post called ‘21 ways to pretend travel from Brisbane‘: How to feel like you’re travelling the world, even if you’re only hanging out in Brisbane.

Jenny has been wandering Brisbane and it’s surrounds and as a result I have another list for you!

1. Aqua Park, Bli Bli

This lake of giant blow up pool toys is soooo much fun and packs a serious workout. It’s not that different to the TV Show Wipeout. Entry to this part of the park is only $15 – which is a fantastic price considering you could pay the same for a casual gym entry fee. Why go to the gym when you can jump on floating bouncy castles for an hour?


2. Chung Tian Temple 

Find your inner-zen at the Buddhist Temple in Underwood.

Buddhist Park

Photo by jenny_laine

3. Bounce

Bounce is a trampoline play land and it’s another serious workout. There are signs up saying that you can only bounce with your butt and your feet. Because I’m an adult and I know everything, I chose to ignore the signs and bounce against a wall trampoline using my back. At which point I was seriously sore for two weeks. I thought I had broken a rib and even went to the doctor to discuss this. Even more disappointing was to find out my rib was not broken and I am just old and had pulled a muscle. Worst.

Bounce is fun but only if you behave yourself.


4. Jamie Oliver’s for Christmas

For Christmas, Jamie had a Christmas feast menu and it was one of the most glorious days of my life.


5. The Fairy Pools at Noosa

Apparently, the backpackers know what the locals don’t – which is that the Fairy Pools at Noosa are hot photo property. It’s constantly packed with limited parking and space, so I recommend getting in early in the morning before the backpackers wake up!

Fairy Pools, Noosa

Photo by jenny_laine

6. Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast

This looks like South America! How is this an hour from Brisbane?

Springbrook national park

Photo by jenny_laine

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