7 more charms I can offer as a travel companion

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Read the first 7 reasons I make a charming travel companion here.


8. Adventure

I will make you walk through 8 degree temperatures in rain, sleet and ankle deep in freezing water so that I can see the church where Jesus was born, just so I can say I saw the church where Jesus was born.


I saw the Church where Jesus was born.


9. Compassion

When I am sick I act like the world is ending. I wallow in self-pity and want 100% care and attention from you. When you are sick, I do not return the concern. I respond to your comments about needing rest and medication with “all you need is love” and “you’ve taken panadol so you’ll be better in 30 minutes”.



10. Navigation

I will critique your map navigating skills when you’re on map duty, but expect no criticism when I’m on map responsibilities and accidentally send you down the wrong exit. It’s not my fault the maps confusing – it’s the maps fault. How dare you blame me.



11. Saving

Despite your complaints, I will make you wait for the bus for an hour so that we don’t have to spend money catching a taxi home, only to find out the bus we are waiting for stopped running several hours earlier.



12. More Saving

I will demand you stop buying groceries because we are over budget. You will say we need to eat. I will say I can survive off crackers and peanut butter for two days. You will have to buy us food in secret.



13. Nothing is my fault.

The time I picked up a delicious baked potato piece and dropped it on the floor. Not my fault. Your fault.

The time I dropped my dinner all over myself. Not my fault. Your fault.


14. Considerate

I’m very open to new suggestions.



So what are you waiting for? Come along, and travel with me!

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