8 Things Brisbane could learn from Singapore

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Singapore definitely isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It’s unbelievable that such a well-established, developed, technologically advanced country (in fact, in 2014 Singapore was the most developed country in Asia) still enforces laws such as the death penalty through hanging, corporal punishment and indefinite detention without charges. However, aside from major issues with Human Rights Violations, Singapore has a great tourism industry for people who are willing to follow the law.

During our 48 hours in Singapore there were tons of little, thoughtful pieces of technology or systems that made the country easy to navigate. Here they are listed below. Perhaps Brisbane’s Translink system could learn a thing, or two, or six.

1. Trains: The light display that tells you what station you are at and which you will be at next. This strategy greatly beats the Brisbane strategy which involves anxiously trying to get a glimpse out the window to see what station sign is displayed on the platform.

2. Trains: The light display that tells you which side of the train doors will open at the next stop.

3. Trains: Ground markings that show how to be polite when waiting to board a train.

4. Public transport: A festive Metro Card with adorable bears.

5. Road crossings: A swipe card for people with a disability to use at pedestrian crossings. Tap the card for a longer crossing time. Genius!


6. Airports: Feedback opportunities at every point of airport service: customs, bathrooms, information service


7. Restaurants: After ordering your meal at the counter, you’re given a buzzer. If you put the buzzer in the designated hold on the table, the restaurant know where you are sitting and can bring your meal to you.


8. Public transport: Each trip cost between $0-$0.70. What is this magical place?


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