A Stunning Mosque and a Quirky Sign

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque is found in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


It’s spectacular…


By day…


and by night.



And I don’t want to get in trouble from the UAE here but I have a feeling the people who commissioned this project have something in common with me. A love for a certain movie…



The Grand Mosque has a lot of strict rules for visitors, including that women must be covered from head to toe.



It also comes with these interesting rules.. which can only be interpreted through symbols.



My favourites are:

  1. Walk in a very accurate straight line, don’t zig zag
  2. No sleeping!
  3. Don’t bathe (seriously, what happened so that they had to include this one?)
  4. Don’t hold your arms out? No star jumps?
  5. No group hugs?

You might have also caught my post on The Weridest Moments from our Asia-Euro Trip 2016 where a girl was posing with her butt out Kim Kardashian style so maybe they need some more vague symbols…

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