A Tiny Fascinating Snippet of Petra’s History

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Petra has some of the oldest standing monuments in the world. The origins of the sculptures are unknown, but there is evidence the city was prospering in the 1st Century BC, with the area acting as a major trade route.

After a significant earthquake in the 4th Century, many of Petra’s structures fell. The trade route changed and this led to the cities downfall.

As a city Petra lay deserted from the 7th -19th Century, used only by the nomad Bedouin tribes.

In 1812, Johannes Burckhardt (a Swiss explorer) dressed up as an Arab and convinced a local to take him to the lost city.

Petra was rediscovered.

It became increasingly known in the West and continues to attract visitors today.

How lucky we are today to live in a time when incredible rose-red, ancient cities can be visited and admired.

You can see all of my pictures of Petra here.

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