The Benefits and Downfalls of Whirlwind Travel

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Something goes wrong

And you are screwed. A week’s worth of bad weather, fall ill or have delayed transport all of a sudden you are missing tons of awesome sites. I was sick in Hoi An and missed the entire city!

Even worse, is when you misplan something. You didn’t explore the neighbourhood like a slower traveller would and didn’t realize there was something AWESOME a few miles away from where you are? Tough luck. If you want to see it enough you have to fly all the way back.


You’re more likely to get sick

Because you’re travelling quickly, not adjusting to the climate and food, and refusing to take a break for the fear of missing something.


Lack of Surprise

When you’re moving quickly, you need a very clear itinerary. I research bus timetables and their regularity months before arriving in a country so I can plan around them. This intense planning means that there is a lack of surprise in some cities – you already know exactly what you’re going to do before you get there.


Sneakers, all day everyday

You have to wear sneakers everyday because any other pairs of shoes will not let you clock 27,000 steps a day. Spoils photos a little…



You have to carry more

Because you have less time to do your washing, you have to carry more things around!


And oh look. Once again, I’m wearing sneakers. 



You are exhausted. When you come home, you need a holiday from your holiday. When I came back from my last overseas adventure, I called my dad on the Monday and said “I want to quit my job”. Dad, who had come back from the same holiday a week earlier, said that he had made the same decision on his first day back in the country. Jet lag can make for poor decision-making.


Immersing yourself in a new culture

Is obviously difficult when you’re only in a country for 5 days.



I love whirlwind travel. For me it’s the best option. I don’t need a break to sit around holidaying. I’m busy. I have places to go and things to see! Travel is important to my life, but it isn’t the most important. More important to me is the social impact I can make through my career. I can’t sit halfway around the world in a hotel room, doing nothing, and feel like I’m doing something good for the world. So I need to be busy.

The benefits to whirlwind travel is that you get to see everything and if you see it quickly it means less time away and less money spent on accommodation and food.

The only thing I miss is immersing myself in a new culture – but it’s easy to slow down in your favourite areas. For me, that’s why I moved to Fiji!


I highly recommend whirlwind travelling around the globe – but you can choose what is best for you!

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