Berlin Wall – The East Side Gallery

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The East Side Gallery has beautiful displays celebrating the reconciliation of East and West Berlin that commenced after the wall November 9, 1989.

I was excited to see the wall, and enjoyed it – but it was different to what I expected. I think I expected more references to ‘Love’ and lyrics of Beatles songs. It’s funny how an unreasonable expectation can affect your experience.

So my tip to you is: don’t have unreasonable expectations. Don’t expect Beatles lyrics.

Today the wall is still being graffitied. The wall on the back side of the Eastside Gallery is populated with skater tags and other graffiti that lacks meaning and seems to be replaced regularly (I know because some of it has dates! Mostly, 2015. Also obeisance references to the Australian Prime Minister! Which I will not repeat here!).


The front side has more formal displays but the views of most are partly obscured with a large metal fence. I assume it’s needed to stop people from graffiting over the displays. The formal displays date back to 2009.





These are the photos I managed to get by pushing my camera through the metal fence!






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