Catching a bus in Laos

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22 random thoughts that sum up the experience of catching a bus in Laos. ?

1. The seatbelt doesn’t work. Am I going to die?

2. There’s a man staring through the window at me. Does he think I’m pretty or does he want to steal my laptop?

3. We’re leaving. The driver just touched the holy beads hanging from his mirror and PRAYED. I’m going to die.

4. There’s a metal pole protruding from my seat. Everytime there’s a pot hole I slam my back against it. To make this clearer, that means every two seconds. If I don’t die on this trip I may finish it paralysed.

5. I’m going to throw up.

6. We’re going to hit that cow.

7. No, we’re just going to slam the brakes.

8. I’m seriously going to throw up.

9. It’s break time. Thank god I’ve felt so sick!

10. Should I eat the mars bar? No I’ve felt sick.

11. I can’t help it, I have to eat the Mars bar.

12. Back to the bus.

13. I’m going to throw up.

14. Are we there yet?

15. This is torture, I never want to get on a bus again.

16. Why did we even come to his country!?

17. Thank god we’re here.

18. We’re driving past the bus station.

19. We’re driving in a circle.

20. The bus driver stops in a busy intersection and tells us to get out quickly.

21. He’s gone.

22. Where am I?

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    January 20, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Sounds like an experience!

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