Chinese New Years in China

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February 2011

Beaton and I had a stop over in Hong Kong post-Africa.

Convinced that Hong Kong was in the southern hemisphere (it’s not), experiencing summer in February (it’s not), close to the equator and therefore extremely hot (it’s not), we arrived in 14 degree temperatures with African-designed clothing and almost froze to death.


Freezing Beaton.

After the world’s fastest winter-clothing spree, Beaton and I were free to explore the unique city of Hong Kong.

What we didn’t realize, is that we had arrived smack bang in the middle of Chinese New Year. This was exciting. What a great cultural experience we had the opportunity to be a part of!

What does Chinese New Year look like in Hong Kong?

  1. A parade

I’ve never seen a parade with floats or balloons. Thanks to American movies, I was expecting something like this:

This one was advertising a watch company.

  1. Lots of people.

That was an understatement. Millions of people. The parade streets of Hong Kong were lined, and lined. To the point that no one could move. This is the entry of our building. A mass scary fire hazard.


4. Decorations, decorations everywhere!

Africa Trip 848

Africa Pictures 1714

Africa Trip 834

All in all, a really fun experience full of many surprises.

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