My Favourite Restaurants from Around the World (and restaurant hunting tips!)

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In no particular order, because how do you compare perfection?



Location: Brisbane, Australia

My favourite restaurant in Brisbane: a Brazilian steak house with all you can eat food. The meat is cooked BBQ style for 24 hours and smothered in seasonings – it’s a mouth watering experience. A number of staff employed are from South America, which adds to the vibe of the venue and if you’re lucky you might meet the lovely owner, Shirley who introduces herself to all restaurant guests.

Mundo is where I took my husband on our very first date. Because Josh is introverted I was a little bit worried about conversation starters during our meal but because the food is so delicious we couldn’t stop talking about how great all the food was!

Try not to drool as you look through the photos below…

mundo bardon meat

mundo meat

rump cap mundo


Flinders St Project

Location: Adelaide, Australia

The best breakfast spot in all of Australia. My pictures don’t do this places justice! It has the BEST chefs in Australia. Do yourself a favour and eat their food. The menu changes regularly so you can always go to try something new.



Oporto Restaurante


Location: Barcelona, Spain

A Portuguese restaurant located near the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The dessert made me so happy I forgot every bad thing that’s ever happened in the world. But it wasn’t just the dessert that was good, even their odd looking sandwiches are made for perfection.




Location: Golden, Canada

Golden is a sleepy town, not too far from Lake Louise. As a town, Golden doesn’t have too much to offer other than the fact that it’s located so close to the Rocky Mountain park region but it is 100% worth the trip just to go this restaurant. We ate their two nights in a row and were so sad to leave. I’m so sad that I will never get to return to eat the giant meal called ‘The Mountain’.


Hobbit Bistro

Location: Quebec City, Canada

Old Quebec has plenty of delicious French cuisine, and the poached egg with duck at this restaurant is one of the rare occasions non-duck eaters will love duck.


Anything from a deli in New York

Location: New York, New York

Wow, New York deli’s are so amazing! Cheap, delicious and 100s of sandwiches to choose from.



Banh Mi 25

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam




Thai Express

Location: Singapore

Thai Express is a chain of restaurants in Singapore – and their Pad Thai combination is the best Pad Thai combination the world has ever seen.



Governor’s Restaurant

Location: Suva, Fiji

Nowhere has a better berry smoothie than Governor’s Restaurant.


Jamie’s Italian

Location: Everywhere

Mushroom pot. Caper berries. Meat cooked overnight. Homemade pasta. Epic fudge brownie. You can thank me later.

Iphone 013


Ben and Jerry’s

Location: Everywhere

Ice-cream sundaes. What more can I say?


Gelato in Venice

Location: Venice, Italy





Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Delicious food for cheap prices with the friendliest service in the world – in every restaurant you walk into.



Unknown Restaurant Name

Location: Ebenalp, Switzerland

This restaurant is located directly across from the cable car that takes you up to the amazing views of the Aescher Hotel. Gravy food with cream and a cherry on top. Oddly awesome.




My Myagi’s

Location: Melbourne, Australia

They have sushi tacos and I wish I took more photos.


The M&Ms Shop

Location: Times Square, New York

“Oh, that’s not a restaurant”, you say? ARE YOU SURE??




Closed restaurants that still deserve a mention

Jeremiah’s Kitchen

Previous location: Ashgrove, Brisbane

Why: With their homemade baked beans for breakfast and chicken club sandwich with sweet potato fries for lunch.


Previous location: Bulimba, Brisbane

Why: The tapas bar that had tapas varaitions for breakfast, lunch dinner and dessert.


Previous location: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Why: Pumpkin and feta pizza followed by a giant dessert.


I miss you closed restaurants.


Honourable mention: Worst food I’ve ever eaten.

This terrible cardboard and spinach pizza from Venice Beach. And they even advertised themselves as the “best pizza in Venice Beach”. Liars. Exact opposite.



My advice for finding great food around the world

Trip Advisor is grand. We always find the best food using it, and it can help with budgeting because the top 10 restaurants usually always have at least one with only a $ symbol.


What’s the best restaurant you’ve ever eaten at? Send me to it!

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