February in Review

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One adventure ends and another begins! Our holiday is over and today we start setting up for life in Fiji. This month has been a whirlwind – my favourite type of adventure!

What I did this month

The first half of the month was spent on the end of our Euro-Asia trip, with final days spent across:

Venice: Where I spent all my money, and we had a once in a lifetime experience watching the Flight of the Angel at the Carnival of Masks! This was the best international event I’ve ever attended. If you get the opportunity to go, jump on it.Venice

Rome: We then caught the train down to Rome. You can see my Rome pictures on Instagram @nonexistentbucketlist or on my Facebook page.

Vatican City: Obviously with a trip to Rome, there is also an obligatory day to be spent in Vatican City. On the day we visited we were the very first people through the door of Vatican City Museum and enjoyed the artworks with empty corridors and quiet rooms. Blog post is not up yet, but I’ve written about how you too can get into Vatican City before everyone else comes flooding through the doors! You can also check out Vatican City’s Violent Artwork, where Josh spotted the museums most gruesome/entertaining pictures.


Dubai: After Rome, it was time to head home but not without a few days stop over in Dubai. I loveeeee Dubai. Every time I visit they’ve come up with some new, giant, incredible site to visit. Lots of blog posts still to come about:

  • Sites to see in Dubai
  • The constant surprises that you’ll find in UAE
  • The Miracle and Butterfly Gardens; and
  • The time I met a King but forgot all about it.


South Australia: Training for work was held in Adelaide which I have a few fun stories from, but I need to get them approved before they can go public. After the training, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and pushed back our flights a few days so that we could explore South Australia. We saw lots of unique scenery, wildlife and spent evening drives terrified of the huge kangaroos posed to spring in front of our car. Did you see the pink lake we visited?


Uluru: And with four days of holiday time remaining we dropped into the Red Centre and saw the beautiful sunsets of Uluru (while grinding our teeth as a million flies made efforts to fly into our mouths).


Home: We had a total of 5 days at home to repack, get out phone/bank/car contracts and catch up with the world’s best family and friends. It was not enough. I need some serious sleep.

The best part was the annual joint Emma-Juanita birthday celebrations at the new Aqua Park on the Sunshine Coast. THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. And it only costs $15 which is the equivalent of a casual gym pass so next time you think about going to a gym casually, instead go to the Aqua Park where you can both work out and have crazy fun.


Fiji: And now here we are in Fiji! Yew! Photos and stories to come!

Some other fun facts

My favourite Instagrammers this month:


Achievements this month

I made a blog post about 4-5 times a week… and will work towards keeping this momentum!

I had a few Instagram pictures hit 100 likes and @sharetravelpics shared my 12 Apostles picture and they have 19k followers. I was stoked because I thought it would result in tons of new followers but it resulted in zero. Oh well, it was still exciting.


I caught up with 2013’s bandwagon and started on snapchat! Add me: mcintosh.emma The only thing is it takes ages for snaps to load. I’m not sure if the wifi in Fiji is going to help sustain my new social media love.

Goals for next month

  1. Settle into Fiji
  2. Find Fiji’s best internet provider or spend the rest of my time here offline
  3. Find a host website provider for my blog

Follow my adventures!

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