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I have airline trust issues. After the Malaysia flight went missing, the Air Asia flight crashed into the ocean and the Germanwings pilot made a very selfish choice, I expect every plane flight to end in tragedy. With some exceptions. Emirates for example, were one of the only airlines who continued using steel cutlery after 9/11. My conclusion from this is that no one is targeting Emirates planes which makes Emirates safe. It is a very flawed logic but also a coping skill.

Josh and I had to book a huge range of smaller airlines for our Asia trip. Anytime I had a travel agent quote for a flight my very first reaction was to review the airline’s safety record. The absolute worst airline I came across was Russia’s Aeroflot, the commercial airline with the most number of fatalities (a whopping total of 8,231). The number of airline crashes and issues this airline has had cannot been confined to only one Wikipedia page. Oh no, they have a wiki page for each decade of airline issues. Needless to say, I will never board Aeroflot.

We used Scoot Airlines from Gold Coast to Singapore.

The Positives

Scoot is a budget airline which means it was $400-$500 per person cheaper than the other options (even it meant flying out of the Gold Coast).

The legroom for a standard seat seems no different to the legroom offered for a standard seat on non-budget airlines.

The staff are lovely.

They got us to Singapore safely and this is all that matters. Well done.

The Negatives

How does Scoot offer such a lower fare? It’s an international flight that offers absolutely no entertainment (resulting in this very long blog post about thoughts you may have on an aircraft). They offer no meals, unless you are willing to pay on board. For the lower price, this has to be expected and accepted.

The airline do however, use every possible opportunity to make you pay more in unexpected costs.

The worst example of this is that the airline doesn’t guarantee you a seat next to the person you booked with unless you are willing to pay an additional $12 per person before check in. It’s surely not the equivalent of a $12 administration cost to allow people who book together to sit together. You can also choose to select a row with ‘additional leg room’ aka an emergency exit for an additional $79 per person. I refuse to sit in an emergency exit anyway. It’s too much responsibility. What if I’m not strong enough to pull the handle? What if I become suicidal midflight?

The menu is overpriced, but every airline charges for food provides an over-priced menu so it can’t be held against Scoot. What can be held against them is that they allow you to bring food on board but tell you to put it away when you try to eat it. What! No I will not put away my SaKaTa’s! I will eat them under the blanket.

Finally, the flight we were on ran out of toilet paper, tissues, hand towels and soap. WHAT? You say. Yes. Read that sentence again.

In Conclusion

I think Scoot are worth it because $400-$500 saving per person to board a safe aircraft is phenomenal. My only advice is to take toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

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