How to Find South Australia’s Pink Lake

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It was actually really, really hard to find this lake. Hence, I write this guide.

According to a few online articles, there are a few places where you can spot a pink lake. Most sources indicate that you can find it between Meininge and Tailem Bend. We drove through in February 2015, and the water in this area was 100% dried up which meant no pink lake.

But fortunately the drive wasn’t wasted because we came across another one!

This pink lake is almost exactly hallway between Meningie and Coorong (refer to Blue dot in below map).

IMG_6019.PNGIf travelling from Meningie, it’s located on the right hand side of the road and is opposite the first park entrance into Coorong National Park.


And here we are! At the pink lake!


The lake’s pink appearance is a result of algae that thrives in the region. As a result of regular flooding and dry spells in the area, I think these lakes pop up in random areas from time to time! If you travel to the pink lake and it’s not there – don’t fret! Maybe there is another one just down the road.

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