Kuang-Si Waterfalls

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Yesterday we went to the beautiful, blue Kiang Si Waterfalls.


The falls are a 40 minute drive from Luang Prabang town centre. You can get there by minivan or Tuk Tuk. We found that our cheapest option was talking to the travel agents and organising a minivan.

The falls are such a sight that they make an entire trip to the country Laos worthwhile.


I imagine this is how Tarzan and Jane lived.


While viewing the falls was more than enough, I was determined to get a swimming picture.

I could have done something great.

Like this guy – swimming under a waterfall.


Or this girl! Looking spectacular posing like a mermaid on a rock.


But I was cold. Instead I spent the whole time skimming around the side of the water, trying not to let it touch my body.


Josh thinks he captured a good shot with the below photo but all I can see is my utter anxiety at desperately wanting to be in the water and failing. 

THIS. This was an achievement. If you look closely, I am anything but relaxed and sitting in the mud.


So I didn’t swim – but the Kuang-Si Falls are beautiful. The blue colours are incredible and if you can brave a dive into the water (which literally, everyone else but me could) it will be one of the most memorable swims of your life.

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