Pack your bags and take all you money to Venice

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As we know, I don’t like spending money (Emma’s Very Specific Top Tips to Saving Money).

In Venice you will spend all of your money. But not in a this-holiday-is-draining-all-my-money way, more like in a “Omg, what is that! TAKE MY MONEY!” type of way.


There are so many awesome things to literally throw your money at in Venice. Here’s 35.

1. Buy Gelato.

2. Buy a mask. There are so many mask options so don’t just jump in and get the first one you see. Wait. Stroll. Observe. Choose an awesome one! Masks range from $3 Euro – $100+. 

3. Buy a hat! All men wear pirate traditional curved hats.

4. Buy a cape! So many people in capes.

5. You know what? Just go all out. Buy a costume. Only $500 Euro, no big deal. Totally worth it. 

6. Did you know you can attend the masquerade balls? REAL ONES. They cost like $500 Euro but can you imagine! It would be like travelling through time to the 15th

7. Attend Venice Carnivale! There are hundreds of events held over the Carnivale period. Some are free, some cost money. You can see a full schedule of events on their website.

8. There’s confetti for purchase everywhere to harass your family, friends and strangers with!

9. My latest life goal is to buy wings for my future pram. My child will be like Hercules. 

10. Buy ice-cream.

11. Hot chocolate

12. Eat handmade pasta

13. And mouth-watering, handmade gnocchi


14. Drink wine! So much Italian wine

15. Eat cheese

16. And obviously you won’t forget to eat traditional Italian pizza.

17.Drink Bellini, Venice’s signature cocktail of white wine and peach juice. 

18. Seriously buy more Gelato – one is not enough.

19. You HAVE to go on a gondola ride.

20.You can also visit the famous St Mark’s Square and climb the Basicalla.

21. The bell tower, where you can climb to the top for panoramic views of Venice.

22. And the Rialto bridge (this one is free but you obviously have to pay for your accommodation and transport to actually get to Venice).

23. Speaking of accommodation you could stay somewhere fancy along the canals and play celebrity spotting. Maybe George and Amal Clooney will come back to renew their vows?

24. Venice is famous for glass-blowing and there are beautiful plates, glasses and animals, displayed to tempt you everywhere.

25. Plenty of souvenir options for friends.

26. If anyone’s looking to buy me a chess set – this is the one I want.

27. Did I mention there’s a Disney store? I could spend all my money here.

28.Venice is also famous for lace making. Buy your grandma a handkerchief.

29. Or buy yourself an incredible parasol.

30. Or you could be like Popple and buy a crossbow for who knows what reason (p.s. what we learnt from this experience, is that you can get a crossbow through English customs).

31. And do you know what? The souvenirs and shopping items aren’t that expensive for such a touristic city. Josh is very proud of his warm 10 Euro jacket.

32. Spoil yourself. Eat more gelato.

33. Try something new. Chocolate salami anyone?

34. You could get married here. 

35. Or you could even by an apartment. Only about $500,000 AUD. Not that bad considering it’s one of the most magical cities in the world. Of course, I’m not sure what insurance is like for a city that is sinking.

Seriously, take your money! Go to Venice.

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