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I love to whirlwind travel. I have a lot of things to see with limited time and budget, so I am going to see it all as fast as possible. To do this, I research everywhere I want to go in advance, list each venue in geographical order, map the daily transit through Rome2Rio and set an early alarm. There were a LOT of places on my list to see in Singapore so we gave the city/country a total of two days. Having worked through them however, I conclude that if you spent 13-14 hours on the go, you could see it all in on day. Here’s how:

There are three important elements you need to complete the Singapore in a Day challenge.

Focus. Fitness. Shoes worth more than $8.

  1. Focus. Determination. Drive. Know your travel goal and commit yourself to it! I have this.
  2. Fitness. I have a moderate fitness level that comes naturally from being 27, despite never attending a gym. It’s enough. Tick.
  3. Walking shoes worth more than $8. I did not have this and would have failed the challenge.

Day plan

8.30am Breakfast with the Orangutans


The Jungle Breakfast with the Orangutans is held at Singapore Zoo. Book your tickets online in advance. To complete the Singapore in a Day Challenge you are on the zoo’s doorstep at 8.30am for some quick pre-breakfast exploring. Have breakfast at 9am and stuff your face because you’ll be having a late lunch.  The orangutan show starts at 9.30am. Take a photo with the orangutans and continue exploring the zoo until 11.30am.

Take a bus and the metro to the next stop.

12.00pm Singapore Botanical Gardens

Explore Botanical Gardens for 90 minutes. The garden highlight is definitely the incredible Orchid Garden. All countries should invest in one of these immediately. 
I felt very deceived by the ‘Healing Garden’. I was expecting gentle waterfalls and perfectly cut hedges for peaceful quiet time. Instead it was  normal looking plants with signs next to them to explain how they are used for healing across different cultures. Fun for some, not for me.

Catch the Metro to the next stop.

2.00pm Little India

Explore the beautiful designs of Kerbau Rd, Little India.   

It’s play school…

Walk to the next stop via Agrabah.

2.30pm Haji Lane

Enjoy a late lunch at Haji Lane before walking past the the wall art and colourful buildings.

Don’t be startled by the creepy mannequins guarding the alleyway – they only come to life at night time.

Catch the Metro to the next stop.

3.45pm Old Hill Police Station

Admire the colours of the Old Hill Police Station.

You might pass some great seasonal displays.

 4.00pm – 4.30pm Marina Bay

Enjoy a walk around the waters edge of Marina Bay, with a view of the city skyline.

I have no idea what those white balls are floating in the marina – Godzilla’s eggs?  
4.30pm Visit the Casino

If you are travelling in Summer, you will be wearing sneakers, red in the face and sweating enough to wish you bought a change of shirt. Despite this, the Casino will still let you in! As long as you bring your passport.

Enjoy a Singapore Sling, Singapore’s signature cocktail.

5.30pm Infinity Pool

If you are rich and staying at the Marina Bay Sands 5 Star hotel, take a sunset swim in the incredible infinity pool. If you are not rich (I am not rich), you can stay in the casino longer and hope to become rich over the next hour.

7.00pm Eat Asian

Eat it all.

7.45pm or 8.45pm Night show in Gardens Bay

Watch the night sound and music display at Garden’s Bay 

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.03.44 pm.png


You just saw Singapore in a Day. Admire your calf muscles that have developed as the result of 50,000 steps. CONGRATULATIONS!

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