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If you haven’t already, you may dream of backpacking or traveling in the cheapest process possible. The less you spend, the longer you might have the capacity to travel. Or that is the plan.

For $15 a night, I guess we should have expected this smelly asylum with a shower toilet. But the website was VERY misleading.




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  • The building smelt so awful we avoided being anywhere near the place until it hit 10pm at night and we had to go back to sleep.
  • The phone next to the bed rang at 5am every morning. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Until the cord was ‘accidentally’ damaged in a fit of rage.
  • There were three free hairdryers supplied by the hotel. These were chained to a wall in the hallway and happened to be located directly outside our room. And apparently some people think it’s acceptable to blow dry their hair at 11pm a night.
  • The staff would come into our room to tidy it once a day. They would then leave and forget to lock the door behind them.
  • The toilet did not flush. And then we had to shower over it.
  • Our room was positioned directly next to the office. The owners lived ten rooms away at the other end of the hallway. They had the office phone on screaming volume levels so that if it went off in the middle of the night, it would wake them so that they could wake up and run down the hall to answer the phone.
  • And our ‘double’ bed was an obvious single.


But we stayed because we couldn’t bear the thought of sacrificing our money.

I’m never going back to the Cosmic Guesthouse.

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