Survive life as a tourist (Harif, Israel)

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Lots of tourists do silly things that result in their injury or deaths. Just watch Bondi Rescue. Some people make intentional poor choices but I think the major cause is that when you’re overwhelmed, lost or unsure in a new place, it’s easier to make poor judgments.

I try very hard not to kill myself, because my middle name is Fear. In Harif however, I was a very stupid tourist.

Harif is home to the Bahai Gardens, which has an incredible hilltop view of this port city.

We caught public transport from Tel Aviv so the signage wasn’t designed for English tourists.

There was no pedestrian access on our side of the road, but a raised footpath down the centre strip. See picture.

 We enjoyed our stroll down the footpath. There was a building with the most pigeons I’ve ever seen in my life .

We stopped.

Admired them.

Took photos of them.

Took videos of them.


(Seriously can you see them all sitting on the metal grate. There are THOUSANDS.)

Stood in awe watching the pigeons and then continued to stroll down the footpath.

And then I noticed this odd signage on the footpath. That’s unusual.


I turned around.

There was a bus behind us.

We’d been strolling right down the middle of the street. 

In the the bus lane.

In front of the bus.

So I screamed, ran, and dove into the bushes.

And because I hate it when people are mad at me, even if they are strangers , I couldn’t make eye contact with the driver. Josh isn’t scared of stranger though and looked back.

The driver fortunately wasn’t angry. He thought we were hilarious and enjoyed laughing at us all the while he sat through the red light.

I’d like to say I can be more careful from now on but it seriously looked like a footpath. Look at it! It looks like a footpath, right!?

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