The Best Things to do in Israel

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Drink hot chocolate.

You know where Max Brenner is from, right? If there is one thing Israel does right it’s hot chocolate. Not your usual, liquid chocolate sauce or powder, instead they put in actual chocolate pieces that melt into your hot milk. It’s incredible. My favourite was this one. It has white and milk chocolate drops in it. Yum Yum Yum.


Eat Falafel

The Middle East is the home of falafel and it just tastes better here. It will be the most glorious kebab you’ve ever had.

Visit Jerusalem

Jerusalem is rich with sacred history. Walk the Stations of the Cross, see the church built on Jesus’s burial and resurrection, the spot where Prophet Mohammed rose to Heaven and the Western Wall.


Visit Bethlehem (Palestine)

O little town of Bethlehem. There is a Church now built where the barn stood where Jesus’s was born (they think). Also you can visit the nearby fields – you know the ones where “the shepherds in the fields did they lay”.


Tel Aviv

Street markets, the beautiful streets of Old Jaffa and see the Medditeran Sea from the coast of the Middle East!



There is an incredible view from the Bahai Gardens. It was closed on the day I visited due to rain so if you ever make it to the top and take a photo – send me a copy!


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