The Emirates Lottery – it’s a thing

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Dubai traffic is the worst, and we arrived at the airport late and stressed. The airline attendants were trying to check us in but were then sending us from counter to counter with no explanation why. I thought we’d missed the flight

Until an airline attendant explained that our flight has been over booked and we might not be getting on it. This would mean a 10 hour delay with nothing to do but sit in the airport. Horrendous.

Then she mentioned the compensation: free return tickets to anywhere in the world. 

Yes please.

“WE’LL TAKE IT!” I screamed excitedly at her.

Can you imagine how much those tickets could be worth?

“Not yet” she said “you need to wait here for 20 minutes, and here are some free refreshment vouchers”.

Best day ever. Free flights. Free food.

I spent the next 20 minutes planning my trip to South America.

Sadly, sadly, sadly, we made it on to the original flight. I begged her to swap us with some people who were going to miss out on the flight but it was a firm ‘that’s not an option’.

So we missed out on the Emirates lottery and some lucky person won it.

It was a great moment though.  Now I have ongoing hope that one day my Emirates flight will be overbooked and I will be the lucky one!

Where in the world would you go?

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    February 10, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    New Zealand!

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