Things I’ve learnt about travelling during winter

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1. You need contingency days.

Winter is apparently not just about cold weather. Winter can also be about bad weather. Cold. Wet. Cloudy. Miserable.


2. Obsession with Weather Apps

You will become obsessed with Weather Apps and start quoting ‘real feel’.

3. Wear everything

You will wear all of your warmest clothes over and over again because they’re so heavy it would be impossible to fit more than one set in your suitcase. Over three weeks through 5 countries, I wore almost the exact same outfit everyday. Exhibits A – F.

4. It snows in the Middle East.

Have I said that before? Check the weather of places before you go – don’t guess!

5. I don’t like travelling in Winter.

I can accept the cold in exchange for an adventure but the cold + clouds + rain. It’s miserable and makes for bad pictures. I don’t like it! I won’t do it anymore!

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