Tips to make a Resort Stay in Fiji more affordable

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1. Take some opportunities to eat elsewhere

Restaurants at the resort are lovely but can sometimes become expensive when you’re eating every meal there for a week. Find a local restaurant nearby, take snacks and/or bring your own alcohol (different resorts have rules about alcohol though so of course, follow the rules).



2. Stay on the Coral Coast

Denarau is a man-made island and as such, it’s justifiably expensive! Denerau is beautiful and worth a visit, but if you want something cheaper, head further down the coast line to stay on the Coral Coast of Fiji.



3. Day Trip

Some resorts might allow you to visit for the day, as long as you are purchasing a meal. You might stay in a city but visit a resort for a day.

mango bay cocktail fiji


4. Check what’s included in your package

A resort might offer incredible accommodation prices, but when you arrive you find out there is only one place to buy food (the resort restaurant) and the price is exorbitant. When comparing resorts to book don’t just compare accommodation prices. Check the costs of meals at both venues and check what free activities are included in the price.

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5. Research it all before you get here

Internet in Fiji is expensive and therefore, limited. Not even McDonald’s or the Airport offer free wifi here so do your research before entering the country.

mango bay resort coral coast


6. Catch a bus

Hiring a car is very expensive but buses are regular and can take you direct to most resorts.

bus fiji


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