UAE – Always Full of Surprises

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Things that surprised me about UAE, third time around.

1. Everything is open until 1am

2. When we went on the Arabian Desert Safari (4WDing through the sand dunes followed by traditional dancing and dinner) we expected traditional music. Instead they played bollywood dance music at full volume. All night.


3. Women wearing heels in the desert is brilliantly entertaining!

4. They sell Yowies in the shopping centre! They cost something silly like $9.

5. And Candy Crush lollies


6. As mentioned in my top Weirdest Moments of our Asia-Euro Trip 2016, the girl posing at the mosque with her butt out Kim Kardashian style.

7. There’s a train carriage specifically for women and children. If men ride in the carriage, they get fined.

8. This sign at the Grand Mosque. No swimming in the water around the mosque! No sleeping in the Mosque! No three people can touch each other at the same time? What happened for these rules to need to be in place!


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