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I always wonder what the passengers on cruise ships think when they arrive in Suva. Their first view of the city is a cluttered, busy and relatively dirty vegetable and fruit market. Unless they arrive on a Sunday of course. In which case they see an empty warehouse with a lot of litter (still the vegetable and fruit market – just closed) and very few points across the city are even open because Sunday is church day.

So, to give you a hand poor, weary and confused travellers, here is a list of all the things you can do and see when visiting Suva.




Holiday Inn

I don’t know why Thursday night at the Holiday Inn is popular with expats, but it is. Sometimes there is live music.

Traps Bar

Also popular later on a Thursday night, with live music.



Fish market

The fish market is one of the best things you can see and do in Suva. It’s on Saturday mornings and you will see the most amazing seafood colours.


Fish Walkabout

From 7.30am you can tour the Suva Fish Market with Trish, learn about with seafood is good for eating and safe to buy. Contact Trish in advance to arrange your tour.


You will never have a better experience watching Rugby, than in Fiji.Read about it here in Why Rugby is Better in Fiji. Find out if there is a Rugby game on at ANZ stadium.



Uprising Resort

Take an afternoon bus to the Uprising Beach Resort. Uprising has a beautiful restaurant and bar along the coral coast sea front and often provides live music on Sunday afternoons. There’s also some volleyball nets if your up for a sport’s game!


Roc Market

On the third Sunday of every month, the Roc Market is held. You can buy jewellery, souvenirs, books, food, plants and more.


Any day

Stroll along the Suva seawall

It’s an easy way to walk yourself around town, and definitely the most scenic!


Fiji Museum and Thurston Gardens

The Fiji Museum is the best place in Fiji to learn about the history of Fiji, ancient beliefs, more recent colonialism and how Fiji became what it is today. The museum is located next to the beautiful Thurston Gardens where you can head for a stroll after visiting.

Holiday Inn

The hills across the bay from Suva City Centre are a beautiful view. You can watch the sun set over them from the restaurant and pool at the Holiday Inn.


Tamavua Views

I love the views from Tamavua Heights. Unfortunately, there is no formal viewing deck so it’s hard to find a spot where the view isn’t obstructed, but it’s worth a try.

tamavua suva


Colo-I-Suva is the forest park just north of the city. You can trek through the rainforest and swim in the waterfall pools. Learn more here.



The cinemas are definitely affordable and just like going to a rugby game, the experience is awesome because the Fijian audience enjoy laughing at everything… even the parts that are not meant to be funny.


Day trips

Coral Coast

The Coral Coast has plenty of beautiful beach stops, resorts to spend time in and restaurants to eat food. See some of the best parts of Fiji by taking a day trip down the coral coast.

Takalana Bay

I haven’t been to Takalana Bay yet but I’m keen to get there ASAP. Pictures tell me this is an excellent place to see dolphins and to climb Mt Tova for spectacular scenic views.


Make a day trip to the beautiful Leleuvia island.



First, see my post on the most delicious foods in Fiji. You can not leave Fiji until you try these delicious foods.


The best meal I’ve had in Fiji is at Governors. Eat here. Drink the berry smoothie.


Mamacita is also awesome. It’s just Mexican. Maybe I’m biased. But it was awesome.


Colo-I-Suva Eco-Lodge

Colo-I-Suva Eco-Lodge has a Brie burger. BRIE in FIJI. This is relatively unheard of. Also it’s a beautiful setting.



Long Term Options

If you are here long term you might also consider:

Language classes: Fijian, Hindi, or Sign Language.

Sports: There are several gyms, an olympic swimming pool, tennis courts and a boxing gym. You can also do Yoga at the Indian Cultural Centre.


And that’s it! I promise to update this list as I learn about more things to do in Fiji!

Follow my adventures!

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