What’s your Worst Travel Story? Pt. 2

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The Broken Sink

This is the worst tourist that ever existed.

From losing her passport and blaming the local villagers (the passport was later located within her belongings) to taking extremely outrageous drugs that have the capacity to kill people – these aren’t even the best stories. The best one is about the broken sinks.

The tourist toured Cambodia with a group however did not want to see Angkor Wat, declaring it was “not her thing”. Instead she got drunk in Siam Reap. The next day, the sink in her hotel room was broken. She told the staff that the sink was already broken when she had arrived. While the staff did not believe her, they offered that if she paid half, they would pay the other half to fix the damage. She still refused to pay.

Later in another country, she got drunk and attempted to go tubing, where she fell head first into the water. Two men jumped in to rescue and save her from drowning. They carried her back to the hotel with the help of the tour guide. The tour guide had to clean her because she was covered in mud. Finally they put her in bed and shut the door.

Almost immediately they heard a crash and went back in the room. Another sink had been destroyed. The girl had got up, headed for the sink to throw up, put her whole weight on it and broken it. She had to pay for it this time.


We met a travel insurance manager introduced himself with a story of his own. In the 70s he’d taken two and half years off to travel the world. He was arrested in Spain for sleeping on a beach and then accused of being a terrorist. He spent two days in an isolated cell with no doors or windows. He was then taken to the French border where he was set free, but promptly arrested by the French police for not having the appropriate travel documents to be in France. He much preferred the French jail because of the food quality. After 24 hours, he was released!



This was a friend of a friend who was living in Mongolia. Mongolia is freezing. It also has smog issues. If you’re living there you therefore need to tape up the side of your windows to keep the smog and cold air from leaking in. One volunteer had taped a sheet up to his window to cover one of these small lines. After a year of living in Mongolia he removed the sheet. There was a clear, deep line of black muck on the area that had covered the tiny gap.


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