What’s Your Worst Travel Story? Pt. 1

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This is a question we like to ask our tour guides. They’ve spent the most times on tours so likely have the best stories, right?

Here are some of my favourites:

Falling out a window

One guide had a man who was very drunk and fell out a second story window. He fell on a bus and then onto the ground. The bus probably saved his life. He had scans but came back with absolutely no injuries. The bus had a serious indent and required fixing however, because it’s Vietnam it only cost him $50.

Stomach sickness

Most Western tourists who visit Morocco will get a stomach sickness, probably due to the water and food. In Moroccan tours you can spend full days on a bumpy and dusty bus ride. On this particular day, the tour had an 8-hour bus ride however one of his passengers was extremely sick. As a result, the bus had to stop every 15 minutes to let the passenger get off and get back on again. An 8 hour bus ride became a 16 hour journey. Ouch.


The French Spy

The guide was escorting a group of French tourists on an overnight journey into the Sahara. Throughout the tour, the guide became increasingly concerned by the behaviours of one of his passengers who had neglected to include in her pre-departure information that she had some serious mental health issues. The concerns with this passenger peaked when on the way into the Saharan she entered a verbal disagreement with another tourist. She screamed that the other tourist had been hired by the French president to spy on her and then pulled a knife on him and declared “I’LL KILL YOU!”.

The tourists were separated but the tour guide could not sleep a wink that night. When you stay overnight in the Sahara, you lie in the open under the stars. No doors. No security. The guide feared an attempted murder in the middle of the night, so sat awake from dusk to dawn.


I have so many of these stories I’ll make them into a series. More to come in the future…!

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