Why Rugby is better in Fiji

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The The World Rugby Pacific Challenge is on this month and because of the devastating effects of Cyclone Winston, all games are free to help raise morale in the community.

We went down to three games this month and each one was awesome. Here’s why watching Rugby is better in Fiji:


There’s nothing better than watching a Fijian tackle

The best part, is when you’re watching from 30 metres away from the game and you can still here the smacking sound of a serious impact. It was especially fun to watch the smaller Japanese men try to breach a Fijian defence line. Considering the obvious height difference though, Japan played well. They compensated by making some impressive spinning tackles to throw the wide-set Fijians off balance.



Fijians don’t just actively engage in cheering – they laugh all the time! It’s the thrill of watching a compelling sport and a comedy show all in one.

In Fiji vs. Japan they laughed at the last names of the Japanese players and they laughed at the way the Japanese players look when they are bending over to scrum.

In Fiji vs. Tonga they laughed when someone from the audience screamed ‘FIJI!’ exceptionally loudly.

But the best part is the halftime show. The whole audience loses their minds when the cameras and the stadium’s big screen start filming audience members. The entire 20 minutes of the game break is spent laughing or oohing at other people who are in the audience. They laugh at people who don’t realise the camera is on them, and they get up to dance when they do notice. The women made flirtatious sounds when the camera fell on a man who was in a singlet that was showing his muscles. They laughed at a man who perform an extensive mock Kava ceremony. But the ones that made the crowd laugh the hardest were the men who didn’t notice the camera was on them because they were busy talking on their mobile phones. The crowd was hysterical. ‘A busy man!!’ they yelled.


Tips for visiting Fiji: Whether it’s Union, Sevens or League, get out and about to enjoy rugby in Fiji.


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    Aodhan. waste services
    November 12, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Love watching fiji play rugby. So fast and athletic. So different to wet days in ireland

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